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eICU / Order Sets

Mercy Interactive


~Admission Orders


~Alcohol Withdrawal Protocol

~GI Bleeding Orders

~ICU Critical Care Admission

~Sepsis Admission

~Stroke Orders

~Stroke Thrombolytic



~Mercy Progress Notes


~Admission (Admit) Orders

~Ventilator Management

~Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (Critical Care) Admission Condition

~Sepsis Admission (Admit)


Sutter Hospitals

~Sutter, Interactive Order Sets

~Sutter, Interactive Daily Progress Note


~H006-21617, Analgesia / Sedation Orders for Ventilated Patients

~ZZ21625, Subcutaneous Insulin Orders

~ZZ21882, Insulin IV Infusion - Adult



Sutter Roseville


~6010-D005, Critical Care Orders

~6010-E001, Shock & Severe Sepsis ICU Order Set

~6010-E003, Critical Care Pain/Sedation Orders During Mechanical Ventilation

~6010-E162, Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest

~6030-E044, Transfer from Critical Care Unit Orders

~6030-E400, Stroke Clinical Pathway Orders

~6030-E404, Continuous IV Insulin Infusion For Cardiac Monitored Patients

~7011-E612, Contrast Nephropathy Prophylaxis

~7715-0572, PICC Orders - Audit

~7720-E001, Critical Care Protocals MD Order Sheet

~7720-D003, Bronchoscopy Sample Order From

~7720-D784, Pulmonary Function Lab Bronchoscopy Report

~8390-E775, Adult Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Order From

~8720-0005, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care & Infectious Disease Progress Notes

~8720-0006, Respiratory Orders

~8720-0565, Hospitalist Admission Orders

~8720-2029, Physician’s Order Form

~8720-D002, DVT Discharge Orders

~ZZ00167, Pneumonia Order Set - Adult

~ZZ20667, Initial Ventilator Management Physician Orders

~ZZ21625, Insulin Orders Adult (Subcutaneous)

~ZZ21922, Sepsis Orders



~Magnesium Protocol

~Phosphate IV Replacement Protocol (Non-Critical Care)

~Phosphate IV Replacement Protocol (Critical Care)



eICU Patient Template

~Once completed e-Mail to admit

Pulmonary Medicine Associates

~Admission List

eICU Phone Call Policy

Pulmonary Medicine Associates

~Sign Out Template

Pulmonary Medicine Associates

~SMG and SIP PCP ICU Admit list