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e-Mail Access / Password Reset

Select the link above to reset or unlock your Windows Password

ˇ Download the Microsoft MFA from the App Store or Google play depending on device type


ˇ To prompt PMA's FMA activation wizard, log into PMA Web Mail from a PC.   www.pmamed.net > Mail


ˇ Once logged into web mail, follow the prompts until you receive a QR Code to create account.


ˇ Open the Authenticator app on your phone and select to the + button and tap Add work or school account, then select Scan QR Code to add the PMA MFA account.


ˇ Now complete the enrollment wizard on the computer until stated successful/completed.


ˇ In the future, depending where you login from... You will be propted to enter the Microsoft screen code into the MFA app to verify your identity.

QR Code for iPhone App


QR Code for Android